Summary of Fees and Expenses

Global teachers that participate in the ACE Teacher Program do not incur any sponsor or application fees. Global teachers are paid by the host school district, paid on the same salary scale as U.S. teachers and paid a monthly salary between approximately $2,900 and $5,400 before taxes and withholdings depending on experience and placement location. The table below is based on a yearly salary of $40,000 paid over 12 months (actual salaries, federal and state taxes may vary).

Estimate Salary:


* Net Salary is based on estimates only and will vary based on years experience, location, Federal and State laws and IRS regulations.

Although there are no sponsor fees involved in the application process with Global, teachers will incur expenses prior to and while they are an exchange visitor teacher. Global strives to make each teacher experience positive and rewarding and wants applicants to be aware of all costs associated with participation.

These costs vary, but include fees required by the U.S. government for your J-1 Visa, fees paid to the state for a teaching license and expenses related to health insurance or other related benefits. Please see the tables below for required fees and estimated expenses related to your participation with Global Teaching Partners.


*Fee only required if dependent seeks employment while in the U.S.

Monthly Fixed Costs:

Monthly cost estimates are for a single J-1 Visa holder while living in the U.S. Costs will increase based on family size.


Variable costs may include clothing, entertainment, travel, gym memberships, and other expenses associated with living in the U.S.

Please understand that Global Teaching Partners recommends that all new teachers bring a minimum of $3,000 to the U.S. to aid in relocation expenses. Those expenses may include a car down payment, housing and utilities deposits, etc. For any further questions, please contact a Global Associate at or utilize our Contact Us page.