About Global Teaching Partners

Global Teaching Partners, located in Research Triangle Park near the capital city of Raleigh, NC, was formed by educators that understand this interconnected global world and want to make a significant impact in our future generations. With less than 25% of U.S. citizens traveling abroad during their lives, Global believes we must bring the educators of the world to our future generations.

Today’s children and young adults understand that while they are citizens of a specific country, they are part of something much bigger, a global community. Yesterday’s pen pal is today’s video hangout. Children growing up today will not know or understand geographical boundaries, and instead communicate effectively and efficiently with their peers across the globe. Time zones and different languages will no longer be barriers, replaced with cultural understanding and awareness.

The Global Team

Nathan Tomasini, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Worth Hatley
Director of School Partnerships

Jordan VanBeek
Director of Teacher Resources

María Tudela
Assistant Director of Teacher Resources

Meredith Gale
Assistant Director of Teacher Resources

Rebecca Tomasini
Director of Finance

Clare Putnam
Licensure Specialist

Lori Howard
Education Specialist

Susan Beatty
Teacher Resource Specialist

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