Bridging the Gap: Global’s Partnership with Honduran University

May 17, 2023 | GTP Updates, News, Partnership, Teachers

Global Teaching Partners recently had the privilege of accompanying a team of educators on a trip to Honduras to develop a three-way partnership between the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional Francisco Morazan (UPNFM), East Carolina University (ECU), and Global.

Alvera Lesane, EdD (DPS Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources), Michelle Hayes (DPS Executive Director of Recruitment and Retention), and Principal Ron Luciano (Jones Elementary School, GCS) joined Nathan Tomasini (CEO, President), Peggy Thompson (Global Senior Advisor), Susanne Long (Global Dual Language Senior Advisor), and Sandra Botero (Global Dual Language Instructional Coach) from Global on their trip to Honduras.

The team visited the San Pedro Sula Campus of UPNFM, where they had the opportunity to interact with the faculty and students. The team thoroughly enjoyed their trip, particularly the cultural exchange and the food. After their meetings, UPNFM put on a traditional cultural dance for the team, which was a memorable experience. 

One of the unique aspects of Honduras as a destination for recruitment is the prevalence of bilingual teachers within their education system. While their approach may be similar to the American system, having many bilingual teachers can benefit schools looking to diversify their faculty and provide a more comprehensive education. 

The team recommends studying the culture and education system for schools interested in a future trip to Honduras and being open to new experiences and adventures. The trip was an exceptional experience that will only grow the partnership and friendship between the two countries and organizations. 

Overall, Global Teaching Partners thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to accompany the team of educators on their trip to Honduras and grow the development of their partnership with UPNFM. Check out the photos below to see some of the highlights of their journey!










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