Global Teaching Partners Orientation 2021

Aug 16, 2021 | News, Teachers

Global welcomed our new teachers to North Carolina and Virginia for the 2021-2022 school year throughout August and September with great excitement.

All of our new teachers were greeted with a smile at Raleigh-Durham International Airport by a team member and spent 2-3 days in Durham for Orientation before heading out to their school districts and starting their official journey as a Global Teaching Partner’s Teacher.

Orientation still looked slightly different for us this year, with the addition of Covid vaccinations to be factored into the schedule. But the team worked hard to ensure a smooth process along the way. During orientation, the teachers set up bank accounts, completed their teacher licensing and tax forms, and learned other vital information to set them up for success on their new adventure.

After orientation, teachers left the hotel and headed to districts all over North Carolina and Virginia, where they met with their Transitional Advisors. Next, school districts greeted new international teachers and helped them get settled in their new schools.

We asked our teachers to share some of their thoughts on the transition process. Read on to find out what they said.


What was the most challenging part of leaving your home country?

Noel Castillare – Philippines

“The most challenging part of leaving my country was when l saw my loved ones, family members, and close friends bidding goodbye to me. They are the ultimate reasons l am here, why l am working away from home and why l need to reach my goal.

It is challenging to be away knowing that l play an important role in their everyday life. But l believe this is the best possible way for me to be at peace and make them feel contented and happy.”

Veronica Ford-Johnson – Jamaica

“Moving to an entirely new country to live and work in can be a big challenge for anyone. However, the most challenging part of leaving my home country was starting the journey with my family behind.

Thanks to my Global Teaching Partners family for encouraging me to be settled first before my family transitions. That was the best advice given.”



What has been the best part of your experience so far in North Carolina?

Adrian Allen – Jamaica

“The people. I have met some amazingly gracious, kind, considerate human beings, both coworkers and strangers.”

Angelique Bagananan – Philippines

“Meeting new friends and being part of a new family. I am so touched by how these people are extending their hands and going out of their way to provide the things that I need to make me feel comfortable, welcome, and appreciated.”

Kameka Spence Dixon – Jamaica

“The best part of my experience so far is being in the classroom with the kids, Interaction with coworkers, my Transitional advisor, and Global Team, especially Miss Lori Howard. She has been very welcoming and genuine.”

Veronica Ford-Johnson – Jamaica

“One of the best things about moving to North Carolina is its people. The state is a melting pot of diverse people who are super kind and friendly. In addition, the state boasts exquisite sunsets and several picturesque spots. I love North Carolina!”

Flavio Hernandez – Honduras

“The best part of my experience in North Carolina has been the support and care I received from the people around me. Seeing the faces of the Global Teaching Partners staff at 2 a.m. on day one was admirable. I felt welcome!”



What are some of your highlights from the Orientation Sessions? What content was most relevant to you? What did you enjoy the most?

Yasheka Hastings – Jamaica

“What stuck with me most from the orientation is the high level of honesty, guidance, and expectations from the Global Teaching Partners team. I’m very happy I chose Global.”

Raymond Yubei Meye – Cameroon

“Settling down abroad, the information was so enriching and helpful because, in less than a month, I was completely settled and ready to face my new job. Also, teaching procedures studied in the sessions have helped a lot in learning what is required of us as teachers and blending our knowledge from home to what we experienced here.”

Brioney Robinson-Mills – Jamaica

“Transitioning is a challenge, getting used to your new audience, but it’s a welcoming experience .”

Noel Castillare – Philippines

“There are so many exciting highlights l could not forget during the orientation sessions.

When Global welcomed the participants, it was one of the great gestures I appreciated the most. That you considered and recognized us as new members of your family and recognized our purpose and capabilities regardless of our cultural attributes and background was truly inspiring.

When Nathan Tomasini and the other staff expressed joy in welcoming and accommodating our needs and questions and entertaining and answering our queries and needs, I knew I had made a good choice in choosing Global.

The orientation sessions were an excellent opportunity to learn and get oriented in what we ought to remind ourselves of as global teachers. Learning from the ideas,

encouragement, and experiences of the advisors and staff of Global Teaching Partners was wonderful. I have to make special mention of Ms. Peggy Thompson as she entertained us with energy and enthusiasm.

Break-out sessions with our Academic Advisors were also excellent because we got the chance to have a glimpse of what’s

going to happen in our respective schools and districts. And of course, the best part was when we gathered and met as one diverse group coming from different corners of the world, yet we were in our purpose, which is to impart our experiences and culture to one another.

Thank you very much for this opportunity and your support. To Amy, Jordan, Ricky, Becca, Nathan, Davis, Meredith, and the other Global Teaching members who come together to help us realize our great dream. Thank you.”


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