Pam Fabros (The Philippines) Elementary Exceptional Children Teacher

Feb 20, 2019 | Educator Profiles

Pam Fabros is a phenomenal Exceptional Children’s (EC) teacher from the Philippines. She earned her BA from the University of the Philippines, Diliman in Elementary Special Education and taught sign language for two years before beginning her international teaching career in Vietnam. Pam was inspired to become an EC teacher when she volunteered at an event with her aunt that was geared towards shattering the stigma surrounding people with special needs.

Since arriving in Greensboro, NC, Pam has had the opportunity to attend professional development workshops in her district, she’s learned new sign language skills while interpreting for parents at her school and she’s been travelling around the U.S. on her breaks. Outside of the classroom, Pam is an avid traveller and has been inspired by the people and cultures she’s come across.

Pam has also been getting involved in events within her community! Here she is at a Greensboro event called “Wings for All” where the airport and volunteers put on a practice flight for individuals with autism and other disorders that can make flying especially stressful.
“I currently live in Greensboro, one of the biggest cities in North Carolina, and everything about this place is just wonderful. There is a lot to do both indoor and outdoor, whichever suits my mood whether it be hiking, going to the beach, spending quiet time at a park, or socializing downtown, North Carolina and Greensboro has it.”

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