Sasha Robinson (Jamaica) Elementary School Teacher

May 8, 2018 | Educator Profiles

Sasha Robinson is a highly effective and respected teacher from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Prior to arriving in the U.S., Sasha earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education from the International University of the Caribbean, and spent seven years developing her teaching methodology. Sasha believes in the constructivist approach, so most of what she teaches is student-centered and hands-on. On any day that you walk into her classroom, her children will be teaching and asking questions, which has earned Sasha and her students quite a number of achievements:

  • Students earned the highest benchmark scores in 3rd grade at Morton Elementary, for three consecutive quarters.
  • Winner of the Golden Spatula Award
  • Awarded the title of Data Team Leader by the Principal

Photos below show students preparing to recreate a story instead of writing a typical book report.

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