Global Educator Shares Ghana Culture With Students

Oct 1, 2021 | News, Teachers


As you all know, part of your requirements as a Global educator includes a Cultural Activity at your school. Many of our teachers decide to share their cultures in different ways, and this month we wanted to highlight one of our educators and the Cultural Day he chose to arrange for his students.

Francis Appiah-Fokuoh, a first-year Global educator from Ghana, teaches mathematics at Dudley High School in Greensboro, NC. Below is his account of the Cultural Day he had at Dudley on August 27th.


As part of my curriculum for my students this semester, I decided to introduce a variety of African cultural studies consisting of videos, history, arts, and dances of my country, Ghana.

The first lesson, which lasted 60 minutes, was a brief introduction to the history of Ghana, its population, and its culture.




The lesson began with a video presentation of the map and demographics of Ghana.

I demonstrated the various dresses worn by most Africans for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, etc. I also included videos of traditional Ghanaian wear, mostly called KENTE. In addition, I introduced students to the various dresses worn by people in the northern and southern parts of the country.

I introduced songs and dances of the Ghanaian people to the students. The songs selected ranged from traditional to urban, mainly using African instruments such as drums.

I discussed the rich tradition of African Chiefs and Arts. The symbols, primarily represented in traditional African cloths, beads, and designs, were also displayed for students to learn.

I explained the Ghanaian naming system and the opportunity to adopt some Ghanaian names. The names are based on the days of the week that the child was born.

The most exciting time was a choreographed dance by my students to African songs.

Feedback from students

My students, who had not had the opportunity to see the culture and tradition of Ghana, were very excited and enjoyed demonstrating the dances. In addition, most students submitted essays describing the differences and similarities between both African and American cultures.

I hope to organize more cultural lessons next semester to educate and enhance cultural interaction among students.



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