One Teacher’s Experience During Orientation

Sep 10, 2021 | News, Teachers

One of our new teachers, Noel Castillare of the Philippines 🇵🇭, wrote about his experience in this year’s Orientation Sessions.

Noel wrote, “There were so many exciting highlights l could not forget during the orientation sessions. When Global welcomed the participants, it was one of the gestures l appreciated the most. You considered and recognized our purpose and potentials regardless of our cultural attributes and background, and it was truly inspiring. Also, when Dr. Nathan Tomasini and other staff accommodated our needs and entertained our queries, l knew l had made a good decision in choosing Global Teaching.

Moreover, it was a great opportunity to learn about different things we ought to remind ourselves as global teachers. Ideas, encouragement, and tips from the advisors and staff of Global Teaching Partners helped us to be more prepared and equipped. Also, l would like to make mention of Dr. Peggy Thompson as she entertained us with energy and enthusiasm.

Break-out sessions with our Academic Advisors were also excellent because we got the chance to have a glimpse of what’s going to happen in our respective schools and districts. One of the best parts was that we gathered together from different corners of the world with a common purpose: to share our experiences and culture with one another.

To Amy, Jordan, Ricky, Becca, Nathan, Davis, Meredith, and other Global Teaching members who came together and helped realize our dream, thank you very much for this opportunity.”

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