Diana Escorcia Reales Helps Unite Our World

Jan 12, 2022 | News, Teachers

Diana Escorcia Reales is in her 3rd year with Global Teaching Partners. She is a Spanish Teacher from Colombia at Dixon High School in Onslow County Schools. Diane had this to say about her experience to date as a Global Educator:

I give my heart, every single day, to ensure not only my students, colleagues but everybody around me and the rest of the community increases their understanding of this diverse globe we belong to.

Being a Global teacher means to think of one world in which we are all connected, despite the differences as countries. It means to accept people just the way they are and appreciate different cultures.

It is to make your students think globally to become better human beings, have universal values, and have a wide range of perspectives and points of view.

Every class is planned, so students’ visions become more international. In addition, each lesson and task has a cultural component that requires students to develop their multiple skills, so their concept of what life and success represent expands significantly.

Some of the culturally relevant teachings involve traditional rhythms, music, instruments, typical food, costumes, famous characters, school systems, transportation, currencies, opportunities for studying and investing abroad, and benefits of being mentally and physically active with one of the most popular workouts around the world, Zumba and more!

I will keep embracing our mission of uniting our world through global learning.

I am committed to being an ambassador of cultures, sharing my knowledge and experience with all the current international teachers in NC, and supporting future Global teachers to keep growing personally and professionally.

It is in our hands to make things meaningful for them by setting up academic goals and personal ones.

I will show and confirm to all the community that being a global educator is both worthy and gratifying. I truly feel the best way to live this tremendous experience is with Global Teaching Partners!

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