Edmore Moyo, Zimbabwe, Math Teacher

Sep 7, 2022 | Educator Profiles

“Through teaching, I am glad to see students doing their best and reviving their hope of achieving the best of their dreams.”


Edmore Moyo, a mathematics teacher at Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina, is originally from Mwenezi, a rural district in Zimbabwe. At a young age, Edmore was motivated by one of his teachers to take his studies seriously and pursue his interest in mathematics. Now, as a teacher, Edmore enjoys seeing his students’ potential and helping them achieve their dreams. He prides himself on being a source of inspiration to his students.

Edmore has become invested in his community here in the U.S. and participates in the volleyball club and gym club. He also travels to different corners of the state in his free time. Edmore is proud to represent his home country of Zimbabwe as a Global Educator!


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