Nathan Tomasini Welcomes Educators Back To School

Aug 31, 2021 | News, Teachers


Global Educators;

Welcome back from your summer break, and for our new Global teachers, welcome to the U.S.  As we look forward to the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic school year, the truth is that Covid-19 is not over and has brought us a great deal of distress and chaos in our lives as we attempt to learn the new normal of living in a global pandemic. But with any chaos, this pandemic has also brought great opportunities for our future. We have all learned to teach virtually, navigate new methods of teaching and learning and how to function in a socially distanced world. I know that I have learned to appreciate long walks with my family, staying home and cooking in and playing a lot of board games (and Mario Kart)!

Heading into our new year of teaching we must remember that we are in a position of influence. While it may be difficult at times to have optimism, there are many positives that will come out of our experiences during these trying times. We must demonstrate patience with others and ourselves, we must be understanding and positive role models for not only our students, but their parents, our administrators and all our community members.

One of the silver linings is an increased appreciation for our teachers, healthcare professionals, service industry, postal workers, etc., that have put their lives on the line everyday. Never forget how important you are to your school and community. The goal for our educators is to not only have strong academic performance in the classroom, but also to provide the spirit of adventure  and a strong desire to share their culture and world with others. As a Global teacher, your positive attitude and interactions with students, peers, and the community will aid in the connection with your culture, language, and experiences. You will be a living, breathing example that we are now in a global society, one that is not divided by borders, but connected by people through education, and technology. Together, we can learn, teach and share, and together we can shape the future.

Welcome to a new academic year, and with hope and attitude, we will do this together!



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