Sarah-Lee Stewart, Jamaica, Elementary Education

Nov 7, 2020 | Educator Profiles

“I wholeheartedly enjoy my profession. It brings me great satisfaction and joy to help children learn, care, explore, and have fun.”

Sarah-Lee is from the lovely island of Jamaica and has been an educator for over ten years. After her many years of teaching in Jamaica, she felt the urge to explore new professional opportunities and apply to various sponsor programs. Sarah-Lee felt that Global offered a personal touch that was unmatched by others, and made her way to Eastern North Carolina as a Global Educator.

As a city-oriented person, Sarah-Lee had to adjust to teaching and living in a rural county. She has made the most of her resources and opportunities, and especially values members of her school family who have eased her transition and treated her with great respect.

Sarah-Lee currently serves on her school’s Management Team and recently earned the wonderful honor of being voted the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year. Sarah-Lee is also a dedicated mother to her five-year-old daughter. Outside of being a mom, teaching is her greatest joy. She remains incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve as a Global Educator and continue making her profession and home country proud!

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