Tashon Don Muschette, The Bahamas, Science

Nov 6, 2020 | Educator Profiles

“It was lovely to see how Global took everyone under their wings and made us feel at home. It can be so nerve-racking to leave familiar grounds to pick up residence in a new territory, but Global has made our experience refreshing.”

Tashon-Don is a proud Global Educator from the Bahamas. He received his Teaching Diploma in Chemistry and Biology with a Minor in Physics from The Mico University, Jamaica. Later, he earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry and Biology from the Church Teachers’ College in Jamaica. He has taught various science courses at the 7th-12th grade level throughout his career.

Though a lover of all sports, Tashon-Don’s passion now lies with softball since becoming the Softball Coach at his school in North Carolina. In the classroom, he values facilitating hands-on activities to allow each student to experience science for themselves. He believes in reaching each and every learner, one step at a time, and celebrating their abilities.

Tashon-Don credits the Global experience with making him feel decidedly alive and enthusiastic on a daily basis!

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